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If you are looking for a part-time employment as a freelance writer Data Researchers Network is happy to offer such a position. We have been hiring professional writers since 2000 and expand our employee base constantly. If you are fluent in English, motivated, creative, and responsible you can join our company to work on various writing projects such as essays, term papers, book reviews, book reports, research papers, case studies, business plans, marketing analysis projects, theses, article reviews, dissertations, etc. The writing assignments come from various academic fields such as Literature, Social Sciences, Science & Technology, History, Entertainment, Arts & Humanities, Business & Economy, Law & Government, Recreation & Sports, Society & Culture. The writers are free to choose the assignment from any field and they are not restricted in their choice. All the papers are written in English since our clients are mainly from English speaking countries such as the US, Great Britain, Canada, Australia and New Zealand. We pay higher rates than our competitors because we understand how important our writers are to keep the company successful and prosperous.


When we hire a freelance writer he/she is provided with an online account. From a personal Writer Area every writer will be able to easily see the status of all custom orders, billing summary, and communication with customers, and administrative staff. The writer’s objective is to write an original (no plagiarism, cut & paste) custom paper according to the instructions provided by the client. Each custom order has a specific due date and should be completed and delivered to the customer by that time. Sometimes the essay should be written within 5 days but sometimes as fast as within 6 hours. The writer may be penalized or not paid at all if the order is late. The customer may request a revision if not all the requirements have been fulfilled or something needs to be corrected or added. The writer will have to do the revision(s) at no extra pay until the customer is fully satisfied.


We would like to stress that we have a very strict policy with regards to plagiarism. Plagiarism makes our customers disappointed and undermines our reputation. If we hear complaints about plagiarized work from our customers, we will penalize the writer or not even pay him/her for that particular order. If the acts of plagiarism continue, the writer’s account will be suspended and his/her further employment will be considered. Every writer is obliged to produce an original paper and is free to paraphrase works of other people that he/she happens to find in books, magazines, newspapers, Internet, etc. The level of the written work is expected to live up to the requirements of college and university level education both in terms of its content and language unless specified otherwise.


Usually, the payment method is discussed with the writer individually but the standard disbursement options are the following: PAYPAL, WESTERN UNION, IKOBO. The money can also be sent to the writer’s bank account. The amount of money the writer earns is accumulated and paid each month by the 20th of the following month. For example, the money you earned for September will be paid by the 20th of October. The writer is able to control all earnings and payments from his/her personal Customer Area. We never delay the payments which can be confirmed by other freelance writers working for Data Researchers Network.


You should fill out the application form below and attach your resume with recent samples of your work in APA and MLA formats. Your application will be reviewed and evaluated by our HR department and one of our representatives will contact you to inform the outcome.


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Auggie Diaz
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