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«We can't get enough males in the military who have the capability or who want to be in these support units. That's the basic problem. There are a lot of women who do want to be in these positions of forward support companies.»
Author: Bill Taylor
«For consumers, I know it's infuriating to watch these (prices) go up.»
«It felt like there would be no end,»
«This allows us to breathe for a moment, ... We've got a young team, the fifth-youngest in the NFL, and these guys are trying their best, trying to understand what the coaches are teaching them. We've maintained our poise and tried to overcome adversity. Now, we have to keep getting better.»
«A lot of my fellow conservatives are concerned, but they don't know her as I do, ... She's going to basically do what the president thinks she should and that is be a strict constructionist.»
Author: Orrin Hatch