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the woods

Date Submitted: 01/26/2001 04:37:39
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The Woods About four years ago I went to Phelps, Wisconsin with my friend, Tim, and his mom to visit his grandfather. We quickly found out that there was not much to do in Phelps. The nearest grocery store was thirty minutes away. The only thing to do in town was to go fishing and because we did not have a boat our fishing was very limited. As the week went on Tim and I …
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…on us in the kitchen. All the little things that I took for granted became luxuries that I was thankful to have. Although being lost in the woods was one of the scariest moments in my life it showed me how quickly your life can change from one minute to the next. It made me appreciate my life, even though I may not always enjoy it, and be thankful that I am alive. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**
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