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Date Submitted: 10/15/2002 04:13:06
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MEMORANDUM DATE: March 28, 2001 TO: Ms. Shay Hope, Assistant Professor Retail Management FROM: Sambah Dadzie Kimberly Wortham Ayeshah Wiltshire Margaret Wilson Rhian Donadelle RE: Case Analysis: Starbucks Coffee Company This memo is a case analysis about Starbucks Coffee Company written as a group assignment for our retail management class. Identify the problem List the facts Alternative courses of action Decision and articulate reasoning Implementation of decision IDENTIFY THE PROBLEM The main problem in this case is …
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…come up with new ideas that can take them forward. Another challenge is the emergence of similar stores. Starbucks will most likely continue to have an advantage over its competitors. By Starbucks being the first, other companies based themselves off of tem and will probably continue to look to Starbucks for idea about future endeavors. Starbucks can defend its position by continuing to set their priority on its products and excellent customer service. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**
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