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Date Submitted: 11/08/2004 17:39:06
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“The broken globe” by Henry Kreisel tells the story of a father and a son torn apart by their differing views of the world. Another story which I feel parallels this story in certain aspects is the 1977 classic “Star Wars” by George Lucas. In Star Wars, Luke Skywalker, a young farmboy on a backwater world, receives a lightsabre from Obi Wan Kenobi, this inspires an urge to leave his world and learn to be a …
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…become a successful pilot like he had always dreamed, he also destroyed the death star and put an end to the Imperials. Luke however could not receive forgiveness from his Uncle because he was killed. I think that both these stories are closely related in their story lines because of how: both Nick and Luke desired to leave their homes, their parents disapproved of their dreams and they both became successful when they did leave.
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