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star war

Date Submitted: 09/05/2004 22:00:11
Category: / Entertainment / Movies & Film
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People saw the news on the TV, hundreds of Star Wars fans lined up out side of movie ticket box office when Star Wars: Episode I- the Phantom Menace just starts showing in theaters. Star War fans waited hours in the line, just to get the movie tickets so they can watch this latest Sci-fi movie. The sneak previews of the Phantom Menace showed many spectacular computer generated scenes, graphics, and characters that gave me …
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…his mouth. Even thought the movie present us spectacular special effects, the failure to make story life really hurts this movie a lot. I am kind disappoint about the movie did not expend deeper in the story contents and characters. A thought just my mine. If the Lucas add few more song themes, it will make awesome Disney movie. Hopefully, George Lucas could add more thrill, suspense, and humors in the Star War Episode II.
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