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psyc 2

Date Submitted: 09/15/2004 22:28:05
Category: / Science & Technology
Length: 14 pages (3761 words)
: A. Introduction / History of problem Any act is conditional on underlying processes. Visual identification of an object requires both the use of the eyes and that light is reflected from the object. Parapsychologists claim that some people have the ability to perform such acts as identifying objects when the conditions normally assumed to be necessary for their execution are absent. Such behavior they call extrasensory perception, or ESP ( Kurtz, 1985). The ESP debate is about whether …
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…been claimed to give such accurate information as to prove that a dead personís spirit has survived. Any single case and somesome broad categories of cases, can be explained bymaking enough assumptions about psi ability. To explain all the well attested cases demands many such assumptions. There is no guide except oneís judgment about whether the accumulated weight of all those assumptions about psi is more than the super-psi hypothesis ca tolerate(Scmeidler, 1988).
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