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no-no boy

Date Submitted: 07/06/2003 10:42:54
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Who are you? In today's society people face every day situations that beg the question. As Americans, we are unable to claim that we stand for one culture or ethnicity as a whole. In fact, we claim the complete defiance. Many people are torn between worlds- America versus their motherland. The idea that all ethnicity's could live together in one country and produce an environment culturally diverse was enacted in America; however, no one accounted …
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…still asking that same question. America has begun to break down the barriers of racism howeve! r the wall still needs to be chiseled and torn down. It is time to stop pretending that we live in the land that all men are created equally. It is time to try to undo the wrong that has occurred throughout the centuries and rectify the feelings of the persecuted. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** no no boy by John Okada
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