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digital audio broadcast

Date Submitted: 02/23/2003 08:17:46
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It is common for individuals in today's society to reminisce about the many aspects of their youth. Of the most memorable events are the arts, especially music, as it is the foundation of the groundwork for the further creation of one self. Through the powerful touch of music, we have learned our alphabet, how to count, how to do the hokey pokey and ring around the roses. A universal theme that crosses all barriers, cultural …
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…are on the air, in order to locate the one you wish. More expensive and sophisticated sets will have large liquid crystal screens which can list all of the stations that are on the air, enabling the selection to be easier and effortless. Once you have selected a station, your DAB receiver will stay tuned to it all the time, even if you are driving. You will not have to constantly retune to continue listening.
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