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a field of silence

Date Submitted: 01/07/2004 21:38:03
Category: / Literature / English
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P1. The author talks about a place called “the farm”. That is where she lived once when she was very lonely and unconscious of her feelings. P2. In this paragraph the author describes the farm. P3. In this paragraph the author talks about the things she liked about this farm. P4. The farm seemed eternal in the crude way the A Field Of Silence earth does extending, that is, a very long time. The farm …
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…of silence. P15. The author turned away and the whole show vanished. The whistling became ordinary. P16. “There are angels in those fields.” She was surprised at something she said. P17. From that time she began to think of angels. She began to review what she saw that morning. P18. She presumes there are angels in all fields. She does not know what this whole thing about perception, language, angels, or sanity means. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**
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