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Zulu Dawn.

Date Submitted: 09/03/2003 20:16:34
Category: / History / World History
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How accurate the movie Zulu Dawn compared to what truely happened in this African republic. Zulu Dawn captures the emotions of the battle of Isandhlwana from the British point of view in an accurate matter. In the film it shows how the British troops had more advanced weapons and better technology, but where outnumbered in such a way that their military prowess didn't allow them to ward off the peoples of the Zulu Nation. The …
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…that the film portrays accurately is how vastly outnumbered the British were compared to the Zulu's at a ratio of nearly 1 to 25. Also true was that the ammo was distributed in such a fashion so that many troops were unable to use their runs since they were out of shells. All of these points of information that was showed in Zulu Dawn did in fact occur on January 22nd 1879 and lead to the British defeat.
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