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Date Submitted: 09/05/2004 02:54:27
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Often people feel threatened by things they cant place a label on. I believe itís just human nature to view something, and then try to associate or place a label on it. This is very evident in the story of X. This is definitely, a story written to influence the readers behavior. The bold X in the authorís writing is a deliberate attempt to confuse the reader. The X is in contrast to …
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…acceptable and what isnít in life,(the norm.) This explains the parents, children, teachers, and friends unwillingness to accept X. They developed an attitude that made them close minded. Group think takes effect in this instance. The children surrounding X however, will be brought up in a ďsocial learning theoryĒ type environment. They have learned that you donít have to be either a boy or girl, to have certain attributes associated with you.
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