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Where are you going and Where Have you Been?

Date Submitted: 11/24/2004 10:04:34
Category: / Literature / Novels
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During the years of adolescence one goes through a time of confusion and curiosity where finding themselves is inevitable. In the tale “Where Are you going, Where Have you Been?”, Joyce Carol Oates uses a teenage girl named Connie, to tell a story filled with rebellion and freedom. At this story’s conclusion Connie comes to the realization that she was not as independent as she once thought, and that she didn’t know as …
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…alter their decision making process, and in certain situations can often cause death, as it did for Connie. “Joyce Carol Oates’s prize-winning story “Where are you going, and Where have you Been?” takes up troubling subjects that continue to occupy her in her fiction: the romantic longings and limited options of adolescent women; the tensions between mothers and daughters, the sexual victimization of women, and the American obsession with violence.” (O.Daly) ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**
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