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War In Iraq

Date Submitted: 06/06/2001 09:40:05
Category: / Social Sciences / Current Issues
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I'm sick of the apathy and I'm sick of the ignorance. Open your eyes, who really believes this war will be righteous or just? And who really believes that what is happening at the moment will not affect them? It's perfectly possible that our apparently democratic government could be dragging us into the prelude to World War 3. Still think it doesn't affect you? Some of what I'm writing here is fact and some of it …
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…military to preserve and extend free markets and free trade, an emphasis articulated in his recently presented National Security Strategy. A government that lets it be known it's prepared to destroy whole populations in first strike attacks to enforce the primacy of US values of open markets and free trade, can hardly be expected to be incensed by Iraq's regrettable record of human rights violations and military aggression. Well, at least petrol will be cheaper...
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