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Views of others in society.

Date Submitted: 10/09/2003 00:06:26
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People are inclined to be self-centered and judgmental. Everyone is looking for something better in life. For some of us, this may mean a better career, car, house, or lifestyle. For others, it may simply be a stronger sense of self-worth. Many different factors contribute to the way others view a person's social standing. Some aspects such as job, lifestyle, religion, race and the manner in which a person speaks can influence the perceptions of …
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…in forming opinions and ideas about others. These factors may have a positive or a negative connotation depending on a person's point of view. Some of these aspects are within our control and others are restrictions placed upon us by social standards and expectations. Where we work, the money we make, and the way we spend it, all play a part in shaping how others view us, and our place on the proverbial social ladder.
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