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Toy Store Practicum

Date Submitted: 05/10/2004 13:43:32
Category: / Social Sciences / Sociology
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The part that the toy store industry plays in creating gender. References to Susan Willis' essay "Gender as Commodity" Toy Store Practicum Susan Willis, in her essay "Gender as Commodity," states, "Our culture is mass culture, where one of the strongest early influences on gender is the mass toy market.... In today's toy market there is a much greater sexual division of toys defined by very particular gender traits than I'd say has ever existed …
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…presented to attract the two groups - boys and girls. A role is defined for each through the objects they desire to have, consume and play with. At the same time that this is unconsciously learned, it can be changed through education and awareness. I am more aware of the expectations placed on a female through her childhood toys, and I hope I am still this aware when I have a daughter of my own.
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