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Three Cheers for John

Date Submitted: 08/02/2003 11:54:06
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Jerel Thomas English 278 Dr. Sahni Three Cheers For John Modern day feminists’ enjoy looking into the past to find examples of female oppression. This tactic is employed in the hopes of demonstrating that oppression of their sex by the evil male populous has been going on for decades. One such work that is cited by feminists to showcase just how terrible women were treated in the first part of the twentieth century is Charlotte Perkins …
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…story. He did everything within his power to make sure that she would have an expedited recovery from her ailments. John bent over backwards to ensure that all of his wife’s needs were taken care of. Leave it to modern day feminists to find harm in that. BIBLIOGRAPHY Gilman, Charlotte Perkins. “The Yellow Wallpaper”. The Norton Anthology of American Literature, Ed. Nina Baym. Fifth Edition, Volume 2. W.W. Norton & Company, New York. 1998. P. 657-69.
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