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Third Story Pancake short story about a woman pancaking a man...

Date Submitted: 08/26/2002 19:09:46
Category: / Literature / Creative Writing
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Third Story Pancake One day, on a September afternoon, Molly was called to her job. She left in such a hurry she forgot to lock her door. After she left her apartment, Tom sneaked into her apartment. While Molly was working at the hospital, Tom was in her room looking for valuable things. Molly Katherdral was 19 years old, weighed 122 pounds and was 5 feet 9 inches tall. She worked at a hospital in Williams, Pennsylvania. Molly lived …
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…alluding the law for many years. Molly came downstairs and was asked by Officer Chingy, "Are you the one who flattened Tom?" Molly answered, "Yes, but not on purpose." Once Molly looked into Chingy's eyes, it was love at first sight. Later on that year, Chingy and Molly got married. As for Officer Joey, he got promoted to Captain and eventually found a girl of his own to marry, one who hadn't flattened a guy.
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