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Third Girl by Agatha Christie

Date Submitted: 02/10/2004 13:15:09
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Third Girl Title: Third Girl Author: Agatha Christie Publisher: HarperCollins Number of pages: 365 The story circles around a third girl by the name of Norma Restarick, who could be described as a little barmy, or as said in the story 'a little wanting in the top drawer'. She is first seen in Detective Poirot's office, wanting to see him as she claims that she might have committed a murder and later declaring him too old …
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…six romantic novels under a pseudonym, fifteen plays and two radio plays, not a mean feat at all. Third Girl is suitable for teenagers and adults of all ages, as it is written in a mature and eloquent style suitable for all adults to read. Such an intriguing book is worthy of the time spent reading it. There is no book like a good book; Agatha Christie's Third Girl is a flawless example of that.
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