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Things of Now Came from Then

Date Submitted: 05/28/2003 21:54:37
Category: / Literature / English
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Things of Now came from Then Wow. Thatís almost all I have to say about Canterbury Tales so far. I am totally amazed by the variety of professions the pilgrims had. Even more so by the level of intelligence that was included at the time period. A doctor, a lawyer, a knight, many clergymen, and scholars; I was waiting for Chaucer to begin rhyming about a surgeon or the CEO of a major company. …
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…is not admirable and there is a joke for every different characteristic that has ever been possessed by any given lawyer. The lawyer of the Canterbury Tales is apparently a bad dresser. I could go on making comparisons about any one of the characters Chaucer described. Thatís how well he described each. However, that would require more time on my part and more time on your part soÖI am stopping here. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography**
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