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The reaction on The Scarlet Letter PBS' version

Date Submitted: 11/03/2003 21:33:27
Category: / Literature / Novels
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The PBS’ Scarlet Letter is a great adaptation of Hawthrone’s original THE SCARLET LETTER. The movie is not only faithful to the original novel, but it also does a wonderful job of giving the audience the visual version of the story that is well described in both the story itself and the emotion of the characters. The movie unhurriedly takes time to follow the whole story in almost every details possible. The technique used …
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…outside the prison-door that greatly symbolizes Hester’s sin and existence of Pearl. The PBS’ Scarlet Letter is truest to the original text than the other versions. It gives the audience that never read the original novel the picture of Puritan society in 16th Century and exactly presents what Hawthrone wants to tell the reader. And also it gives people who have read the novel a clearer understanding of what is presented in the story.
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