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The intention and effect of McCabe's sense of narrative and story in his novel "The Butcher Boy".

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 03:07:54
Category: / Arts & Humanities
Length: 9 pages (2498 words)
Outline In this paper I will attempt to outline the intention and effect of the narrative style of McCabe in his novel 'The Butcher Boy' through his use of language, time and place and the distortions these go through as they are filtered through the mind. Introduction The contemporary Irish novel occupies a space that is similar to that which one of our leading postcolonial critics, Homi Bhabha, identifies as the 'in-between' space or 'time …
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…time over and over again. Reference: McCabe, Patrick. The Butcher Boy. Published by Pan Books Limited, 1992. Peach, Linden. The Contemporary Irish Novel. Published by Palgrave MacMillan, 2004. Cox-Cameron, Olga. The Way We Talk: Psychotic Language and The Butcher Boy. Taken from Letters No.17, Autumn 1999. Berardinelli, James. The Butcher Boy. Taken from Internet site, 1998. O' Dometer, Miles. The Butcher Boy. Taken from Internet Site 1997.
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