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The essay is about admission to univeristies and colleges

Date Submitted: 08/19/2003 02:08:59
Category: / Society & Culture / Education
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Admission to Universities and Colleges A post-secondary education is considered key to a successful future. However, as more students recognize the importance of furthering their education, a dramatic increase in the competition results. Currently, admission to Canadian universities is based mostly on academic standing from high school, which is unfair for many reasons, ranging from subjective marking to inconsistent subject standards. Therefore, every student who wants to pursue a university or college education should write …
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…post-secondary institutions has become a real ordeal. A national standardized test for entry into universities and colleges would benefit both post-secondary schools and students. The admission exam will help universities and college recognize a specific English and math standard, set a nationwide recognized education system and to reduce teacher discrepancy. High school and universities could work together to design such a test in the future and develop a more cooperative approach to the students' learning.
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