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The Secret joseph conrad

Date Submitted: 11/15/2001 16:08:15
Category: / Literature / English
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In the story, The Secret Sharer, one of Joseph Conrad's main themes is identity and how it can change over time. Readers are under the impression in this book that the captain can have a lack of security and is afraid that he won't succeed. The captain seems to be lost inside his soul and also with his shipmates. Every man or woman will always feel this way. Sometimes we wonder what our purpose is …
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…this secret sharer, the captain learned many valuable lessons about life and himself. All a person needs is someone to open up to, or a mentor to guide you. Not everything can be done independently and in life, everyone needs someone to lean on and teach. In this case the captain learned from his double and in the end he started to realize that this experience was one of many to happen in his life.
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