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The Scarlet Ibis Short story written by James Hurst

Date Submitted: 10/23/2004 22:59:57
Category: / Literature / European Literature
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In the short story The Scarlet Ibis, written by James Hurst, is a sad tale of an older brother trying to teach his younger brother who is not blessed with horrible disease that doesn't allow him to be able to walk like us who often take it for granted. In the first place the brother only wants Doodle to feel like a normal boy because he doesn't want him to be teased by his classmates …
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…own without his go-cart. "I took him by the arms and stood up. He collapsed onto the grass like a half-empty flour sack. It was as if he had no bones in his little legs." In the end I think that the brother ended up learning more than Doodle did because he was given the gift of patience and in the end he still has to deal with the fact that he "killed" his brother.
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