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The Merciless Workings of Advertising: An essay examing an alcohol ad and how it appeals to the public

Date Submitted: 09/09/2006 23:05:38
Category: / Entertainment
Length: 3 pages (931 words)
The Merciless Workings of Advertising In these days of technological prosperity, it is nearly impossible to escape advertising. Advertisers have used the advancements in technology to find new ways to bombard us with images of their useless product. Ads are everywhere. Alarm clock radios used to wake people up are approximately one-third advertisements. Along the road to work are many large billboard advertisements. Newspapers and news programs are riddled with advertisements. Junk mail is 100% pure …
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…use the viewer's insecurities as a tool against them to make them feel as if they need the advertised product. They show the product with a seemingly happy person using their product. Therefore, drink B&B Cognac and be happy and successful. That is the message advertisers send to the audience, and sadly, it appears to be working. Only bad things can come from a constant bombardment of an infinite number of advertisements.
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