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The Island

Date Submitted: 10/19/2004 10:19:59
Category: / Literature / English
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Slowly I rowed my canoe toward Hide Away Island, my island. The oars glided gently over the water making ripples. If you had been standing on the shore looking at the scene, Iím sure you would have found it very picturesque. The setting sun was reflected by the water, and over head birds flew. I didnít take the time to enjoy the beauty though, because I know with each stroke of the oars, …
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…of the agreement. All he had to do to win his total freedom was get Katís lover to kill her, or get her to commit suicide. The minister failed in both. That didnít bother the devil though. They would both die eventually, and until then heíd have the challenge of cracking Kat Samsa. After all, heís not in the business of collecting lives, heís in the business of collecting souls.
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