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The Island

Date Submitted: 09/05/2004 03:12:20
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In Athol Fugard’s “The Statements”, each play not only depicts the hardships of apartheid and the consequences thereafter, but contemplates the philosophical question: “What is a man?” Fugard uses the tragic personal experiences of himself as well as his fellow actor partners; John Kani and Winston Ntshona. Together, the two actors along with Fugard portray what life was like under South Africa’s apartheid laws. In “The Island” with the help with Kani and …
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…Africa. Once John catches wind that he will be released in three months, he and Winston participate in stage directions that only elicit how fervent their relationship really is. This of course, only means one thing to Winston, who now, is left to finish out his life sentence, at Robben Island, without his dear friend John. The two of them rely on the help of each other, and enfold in a unique and everlasting friendship.
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