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The Imagination

Date Submitted: 04/15/2003 21:02:02
Category: / Literature / English
Length: 3 pages (755 words)
The human mind is considered by scientists to be the most complicated structure in the universe. Weighing a mere four pounds, the brain and how it functions is still not entirely understood. Indeed, very little progress has been made on the workings of the human brain. Aside from neurons and pathways, however, is the deeper mystery of consciousness. Scientists are still trying to unravel the nature of consciousness. From this arises the nature of imagination. …
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…society and as an individual. It is also a cause of human conflict and wars. The saying that an idea is powerful is not far from the truth. The imagination can be used to advance humanity, or regress it. Fortunately, history has thus far dictated that the imagination tends to promote better ideas and understanding among people. What is essential is that the imagination must strike a balance between scientific advancement and the creative outlet.
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