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The Effects of Lexical and Semantic Change on Modern English

Date Submitted: 07/03/2003 13:09:08
Category: / Social Sciences / Language & Speech
Length: 3 pages (795 words)
Lexical and Semantic Change on Modern English Language develops and adapts to different situations, and changes to solve various communication problems and barriers, and is therefore descriptive as opposed to prescriptive. Lexical and Semantic change have affected our language enormously, with new words being introduced and older words either gaining new meanings or disappearing all together from the language. There are many ways that lexical and semantic development has occurred. In lexical development, new words …
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…rds disappear into the realms of archaism. The language will continue to change, as does the world and what goes on in it, as technology advances and as the media try to think of wittier headlines by using lexical features such as affixing, compounding and blending. Therefore I cannot really state that lexical and semantic change has a huge impact on modern English, there is just a steady progression of the language as a whole.
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