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The Curse of the Dot Com

Date Submitted: 10/03/2002 10:36:45
Category: / Law & Government / Government & Politics
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The Curse of the Dot Com Over the last few years, we have all seen commercials and other advertisements for all kinds of Internet companies. It started an Internet revolution, including such common things as shopping, stock trading, even entertainment. Recently, however, many have noticed that so many of these once growing companies no longer exist. They filed bankruptcy. Why? Because this new market became saturated, and there was not enough demand to support all …
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…from dot coms; it helped Wards to close their doors. But we will not see a day anytime soon when all the stores are online, because too many people donít trust this new system, and even more need some things spur of the moment. The dot coms proved to be like all other companies in the end; they were forced to leave an over saturated market due to lack of business. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** {none}
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