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Stephen King

Date Submitted: 09/04/2003 23:23:41
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STEPHEN KING Stephen king is an author that writes for people that like suspense, horror, and puzzling plots all rolled up in to one. When he was seven years old his father was lost at sea when he was a merchant marine. So many people believe that this was the cause of the type of writing he does. His missing father must have triggered a side of darkness that he writes in today’s novels. …
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…author of the 20th century, or would he have been something different? He stared his work at age 7 and sold his fist work at 13. He wrote hundreds of books and made just as many movies. Just recently he was run off the road and received writer’s block, And just a few months ago he just released a new novel. His novels are written mostly about his life that is kind of exiting, yet scary.
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