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Stephen King

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Popular and contemporary author, Stephen King, was born in Portland, Maine, 1947, where his parents, Donald and Nellie Ruth King, split up when King was only an infant. Until the age of 11, King and his family moved all around the northern parts of the United States. The family settled back in Durham, Maine where King's mother took care of her parents until their death. The college that King went ot was the University of Indiana. While …
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…common theme: horror and supernatural powers. In fact most, if not all, of his portagonists have a relation to his immensely large interest in supernatural powers. For example, in the The shinning a drunk is possessed by evil spirits to attempt murder on his wife and young child. King has produced many works which are popular as far as horrific fiction, which is what all of his books, except for the autobiographies are based upon.
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