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Date Submitted: 10/11/2004 06:13:48
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Starbucks History, Development, and Growth Starbucks began as a small company who provided coffee to fine restaurants and espresso bars. It has since, over the last twenty-one years, become the largest retail coffee company in the world. Starbucks has seen its company grow from having a mere 17 stores in 1987 to having currently 5, 688 locations globally. This amazing expansion can be attributed to Howard Schultz, who bought the Starbucks name fifteen years ago. A large reason Starbucks …
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…cold coffee beverages. Estimated sales look strong, and this is a product that if paired with the right promotion, could become a great investment for Starbucks. Overall, as long as Starbucks maintains and promotes a strong quality product, without deterring from its corporate-level strategy, it will always have a great number of opportunities ahead. There is a very strong base for this company, which will allow it to pursue desired avenues with aggressiveness and confidence.
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