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Star Wars

Date Submitted: 03/30/2001 03:46:19
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Star Wars " The Descent into Dark We live in a society, which relies on fairy tales and mythology to entertain and take us off to a far away place where we can identify with our imagination. The Star Wars trilogy is a classic example of the hero cycle. A young man is brought up believing the light side of the force is his destiny. It has an old warrior, which teaches young Luke an ancient …
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…must be present. The light side is constantly in control and more of a thanatos way, whereas the dark side is in chaos and an eros view. The balance between the two is cyclical approach to life. There are ups and downs to everything of nature. As Yoda said, “there is no try only do.” A true jedi must confront the dark side of the force in order to see what the light side has.
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