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Star Wars

Date Submitted: 03/22/2004 10:27:25
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I read “Star Wars: Dark Force Rising.” It’s by Timothy Zahn and published by Bantam Books in June 1992. This book is the sequel to “Heir to the Empire.” Only one month separates these two books in time. After the battle at Sluis Van, a shipyard, the Rebellion's ships are moderately damaged. Most of their ships are either destroyed or are in need of major repairs. Han and Lando are stuck with Luke at Sluis …
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…are making now days. Other devices and objects seemed more like they were taken from a Buck Rodgers episode than just advancing the current technology. Again, the measurements would be different because many of the measurements (i.e. meters, days) are based on the Earth. This book was also very farfetched, but imaginative. The interesting and suspenseful plot kept me very interested and entertained with the book while I was reading it. ------------------------------------------------------------------------ **Bibliography** none
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