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Soliliquies in William Shakespeare's "Hamlet"

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 05:25:23
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Through out William Shakespeare's plays, he uses soliloquies to let the audience in on the private thoughts of various characters. Although Shakespearean language is difficult to understand, he makes his intentions clearer through these various soliloquies which he employs. One of Shakespeare's most famous soliloquies, known as "to be or not to be", is in the play 'Hamlet'. Hamlet's soliloquy is interrupted when he hears Ophelia praying and notices she is coming toward him. During …
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…approach so that his mother will confess what she has done to their family and the fact that it is wrong and even sinful. The soliloquies throughout this book give us insight into the private thoughts of the characters. Even though much of the speech in Hamlet is difficult to understand, it is the soliloquies that help make the characters more understandable. In fact, the soliloquies seem to fill the reader with emotion and understanding.
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