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Social Services

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Social Services Social services are personal or community services provided by the state and non-profit organizations for members of the community. In 1048 almhouses for the poor and handicapped are established in England and in the 1300ís Bubonic plague kills nearly 1/3 of the European population labor shortages force the state to intervene and laws are passed to compel all able bodied men to accept employment and alms to able bodied beggars was forbidden. In 1313 Christianity was …
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…social programs in Canada was the Ontario Workmenís Compensation act of 1914 and was used to protect employers from law suits. Labour protests, strikes and the Regina Roit sparked attempts at national social welfare programs, such as the unemployment and social assistance act of 1935, but was declared unconstitutional in 1937. The Liberals then reintroduced an amendment to the British North America Act to allow the passage of a new unemployment insurance bill with a national outlook.
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