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Social Responsibility Theory (SRT) of the Press

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 05:36:48
Category: / History / European History
Length: 2 pages (624 words)
- History * 16 & 17 century - Authoritarian Theory placed print media under the control of the Kind which meant the church and state had control of the media. * 1680 - Libertarian theory argued that media did not need to be controlled because people would follow their conscience, engage in public debate, and create a better life for themselves. * John Milton in Aeropagetica said that in a fair debate, good and truth arguments will prevail. - Social Responsibility …
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…theory "will be given new strength by emerging technologies that will allow communities greater power to disseminate information" (Baran & Davis, 2006, p.117). The worldwide web and the internet is being used to reach thousands. * Others, however are afraid that the wealth of voices will Balkanize the US. Rather than reading and viewing content about each other's Great Communities, communities mind end up talking among themselves. The values, needs and wants of others are ignored.
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