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Social Activism in the Stages of Macionis? and Moyer?s

Date Submitted: 05/15/2000 01:29:06
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Theories of social movements have been influential?but as a rule they are not adequate to comprehend the course of non-violent action in the radical tradition (Bruyn Severyn T. Nonviolent action and social change, 1979, pp31). ?Social movements? cannot be formally defined according to structure or lack of structure, as they are dynamic entities that essentially go through all sorts of stages and transformations. The diversity of our current and past social movements confirms this. The …
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…because of Moyer basing his stages on his own social activist experiences). A social movement should essentially understand its own aims, education, social status and future before following any set stages derived from a group with a completely different set of variables. In conclusion, social change can only be achieved by proper cohesion, and shared goals, which is only achievable by keeping within a structural format, thus giving such stages a limited but functional role.
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