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Date Submitted: 06/24/2004 16:00:37
Category: / Society & Culture / Religion
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Shusaku Endo's novel Silence brings up the troubling question of God's silence in the midst of human evil and suffering. The reader is brought deeper into the mystery of God's silence as the narrative unfolds. Acts of human evil that cause anguish, suffering, and death seem to elicit only cold indifference. Yet in a climatic moment, it seems as if God does speak. Father Sebastian Rodrigues faces his greatest decision, hears the voice of Christ …
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…of the silence that God bestowed upon him. In ways I can see the sacrifice of his life in parallel to Jesus. It is a little far fetched to relate the two, but there is a slight correlation to the two instances. For Father Rodrigues did an act to save many. What he did was not to correct in the teachings of the bible and this produced a major problem for many Christians living today.
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