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"Seeing a Color-Blind Future" by Patricia J. Williams.

Date Submitted: 09/19/2001 02:47:06
Category: / Law & Government / Civil Rights
Length: 11 pages (2943 words)
Chapter 1: The Emperor's New Clothes In this chapter, Mrs. Williams explores society's failure to deal straightforwardly with the practice of exclusion. This is something that infects everyone, from the very old to the very young, and Mrs. Williams does a great job of pointing these things out. As I proceeded to read this piece, I found myself being able to relate and agree with a lot of the things Mrs. Williams spoke on. The truth …
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…minorities to fight racism, we must first learn how to recognize the various forms of racism, the obvious and the not so obvious. Patricia J. Williams does a phenomenal job of bringing the different forms of racism to the attention of all that read this book. I must say that even I a graduating senior in religion and philosophy learned a lot about myself and past encounters when it comes to the issue of race.
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