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Robert Louis Stevenson

Date Submitted: 07/08/2001 22:47:56
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Robert Louis Stevenson was passionate man. A passionate man that loved to reminisce about his country. His fervor for his homeland was lifelong and resulted in several works of fiction connected with the area, from the early story The Pentland Rising, to the mature Weir of Hermiston. Perhaps his most notable book, though, is Edinburgh: Picturesque Notes. In compiling this work, he writes with a most warm and loving, even romantic vein toward his love, …
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…ramble among lilacs full of piping birds... and I think that both for my companions and myself there was a special interest, a point of romance...” From childhood to adulthood, Stevenson has carried a special love for the land of Edinburgh. If one could only convey the very same idea of not just beauty, but the serenity The United States holds, then maybe this place America calls home won’t look so bad after all...
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