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Political Economy of the European Union: Outline the major features of the Common Agricultural Policy as it currently operates. Consider the problems posed for the policy by the Enlargement.

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 00:18:25
Category: / Business & Economy / Agriculture
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When the nations of Europe got together to form a common market in the late 1950's, agriculture was important to their economies, and even more important to their cultures and societies. They therefore decided that they needed a Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). Created in 1962 under Article 39 of the Treaty of Rome, the CAP was the birth of what was called "Green Europe". It has been at the centre of debate during its history. It was …
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…could bring budget pressures on the CAP. Indeed, if the CAP were to be fully implemented in the new member states, it would substantially increase the CAP's budget cost. If the CAP were not, the CEEC's might increase their protectionist in the Agriculture Council after May 2004 when they will formally join and will make a successful completion of the Doha Round by the end of 2004 more difficult. The next table shows the agricultural spending 2004 onwards.
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