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Pinter's The Birthday Party

Date Submitted: 10/08/2000 20:04:19
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One recurring motif in Harold Pinter’s work is the image of the single room. Pinter himself spoke of this form as being one of the most pure for the theater. For Pinter, one room, a few characters, and a door, and the fear of what will come through the door next is all that is necessary for a good play: ‘Two people in a room- I am dealing a great deal of the time …
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…and McCann demonstrate the “…demand for conformity to family, state, and church.” The duo stresses these Judeo-Christian moral ethics standpoints. Stanley, however, stands in opposition to these values. He does nothing all day, and appears to have never really done anything with his life besides lay around and exist. In the eyes of Goldberg and McCann, a character like Stanley is not conforming because he does not have any needs or struggles in his life.
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