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Piaget's Cognitive Development Theory Wafa Nurdin

Date Submitted: 07/16/2003 01:50:43
Category: / Social Sciences / Psychology
Length: 4 pages (974 words)
Do children perceive, think, and understand the world the way adults do? Jean Piaget asked himself the same question while working at Alfred Binet's laboratory. He noticed that children of the same age tended to give the same wrong answers suggesting that they shared a common way of thinking. He interviewed and observed numerous children over several years and concluded that the child's mind is not a miniature version of the adult's. Through his research, …
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…Parents, teachers, and school boards can actually foretell the expectations of a child in each cognitive stage and know what they can or cannot do. This way, unrealistic expectations will not be forced and can actually aid the child in their confidence with an educational system. Jean Piaget was a man who thought, not only of his academic stature but also of how his idea will help many people in understanding the way they think.
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