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Pat Thane's "A History of Old Age": Chapter 6

Date Submitted: 09/10/2006 03:58:00
Category: / Literature
Length: 4 pages (1065 words)
Review of the chapter concerning getting old. Covers the historical periods views and treatment of old age. Has continuities and discontinuities with other historical periods, also what did I learn from it. Getting old is not a socially accepted occurrence. In America, contempt and disrespect are the result of someone's aging. Therefore, people look upon the elderly as broken down, slow, incapable, and virtually worthless human beings. The idea of aging, the negative perspective associated …
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…have enjoyed all of the readings, but Pat Thane's the most. This book is more on a smaller level and easy for me to understand in depth. I still can not believe how more open I have become to getting older now, than before I read any of this. Although, I am still worried as to what to expect in the years to come, I just have managed to face it a little better now.
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