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Category Management: a matter of joint optimisation<Tab/>3 Chapter 1. Why studying category management<Tab/>4 1.1 General introduction<Tab/>4 1.2 Research design and methodology<Tab/>4 Chapter 2. Defining category management<Tab/>5 2.1 Category management defined in theory<Tab/>5 2.2 Category management defined in the field<Tab/>11 2.3 An attempt to conceptualise<Tab/&…
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…Tuinder and Elderhorst (1992) make a difference between Materials Management, Logistics and Physical Distribution. They position Materials Management at the side of inbound logistics (the term of Porter's, 1986) where it comes to handling suppliers, quality control of incoming goods and stock keeping. Physical distribution is positioned at the side of outbound logistics (also the term of Porter's, 1986) when it comes to the distribution of finished goods to DC's, stores and consumers. Sometimes even the flow of
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