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Need we really fear an Anthrax attack?

Date Submitted: 08/26/2002 14:44:24
Category: / Social Sciences / Current Issues
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Need we really fear an Anthrax attack? According to Fields, the fear of biological weapons such as anthrax may be more likely to create illness than the weapons themselves (Fields 6). As television, radio and newspapers continually barrage the public with stories of anthrax deaths, anthrax exposures and possible uses of anthrax as a weapon, no matter how remote those chances might be, the media is in danger of becoming more of a terrorist group that …
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…terrorist are doing themselves. Works Cited Antony, Martin. "Fear and Terrorism." Psychiatry and Psychology. 22 Oct. 2001: 71-74. Cowley, Geoffrey. "How Little We Really Know." 7 Nov. 2001. Online: Easton, Megan. Group Psychosis. Toronto: University of Toronto, 2001 Fields, Justin. Handling Anxiety in the face of the Anthrax Scare. New York: Department of Public Health, 2001. Greer, Allison. "Anthrax: Truth and Myth." Medicine & Pathobiology. 16 Oct. 2001: 142+ Jaroff, Leon. "Handle With Care." Time 5 Nov. 2001: 26+
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