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My Baby

Date Submitted: 03/05/2003 20:06:24
Category: / Literature / English
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April 4, 1998 my life changed in the biggest way possible. That was the day my oldest son was born. Iím going to lead you up to the moment I realized that my life was going to be totally different. It was a warm day in July; this moment will stay with me forever. I was only 17, and normally I would go out and hang out with my boyfriend. This day I was taking a pregnancy …
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…to be just fineĒ.Ē As soon as those words came out of her mouth, my son let out the biggest scream. I let out the greatest sigh of relief. The nurse handed him to me, and at that very moment I finally realized what a different life I was going to live from then on. I didnít only have to take care of myself, but I had another life depending on my every move.
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